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Decisive Modi Government Makes Speed Governors Mandatory for Commercial Vehicles From January 31st

In response to the alarming rate of accidents caused by over-speeding vehicles, the Government of India announced its mandate to enforce installation of speed limiting devices (SLDs) in transport vehicles pan India. The enforcement applies to all new transport vehicles including trucks, buses, and mini buses.

HC allows sale of speed governors certified by competent agencies

Godawari Group International, a leading speed governor manufacturer, had filed a petition in Karnataka High Court questioning why legally-approved speed limiters, which are allowed to be sold in other States, are subject to Transport Department’s “extra criteria” in Karnataka.

Smart car plates to restrict speeds on Dubai roads

Godawari Group, an authorised RSL manufacturer in the UAE, has introduced Smart Number Plates for vehicles, a futuristic technology that can control speed and thereby reduce the risk of road accidents. Presented in the UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition, the electronic number plate will first be seen on Dubai roads.

Rush on for speed limiters on buses as deadline expires

Thanks to UAE’s new road safety law, about 150 buses & mini buses per day are rushing to install road speed limiters (RSL). 70% of vehicles have already fitted the RSLs. In case of non-compliance, vehicles will not be issued pass certificate to renew the annual registration.

Enoc Stations To Facilitate Fitment Of Godawari Speed Limiters

Godawari Group, UAE’s authorised RSL manufacturer, has signed a contract with ENOC Tasjeel LLC. Under the deal, Godawari Group will supply speed limiters across ENOC Tasjeel’s JAFZA and Warsan petrol stations. Meanwhile, all of ENOC Tasjeel vehicle centres will carry out installation of the devices in private buses...

Safety in Vehicles to be the highlight for 2013

To reduce road deaths to zero per 1,00,000 residents by 2020, Ministry of Interior and Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (ESMA) is introducing new mandatory standards for passenger buses. Vehicles with capacity of 22 passengers or less will have to install speed governors made by UAE-authorised manufacturer Godawari Group...

Speed cameras to alert passing police soon

In a new move to cut down road traffic accidents, Abu Dhabi’s traffic police department is deploying a new central control system that alerts a nearby police car when drivers exceed the speed limit. Speed cameras, traffic-light cameras, and radar guns will be connected with police vehicles.