E Rickshaw

Electric rickshaws (also known as electric tuk-tuks or e-rickshaws) have been becoming more popular.

Speed Limiting Device

Godawari Group and government approved Speed Governor systems are sold in 24 countries.

Vechicle Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software.


Telecommunication is the transmission of signs, signals or other electromagnetic systems.

Fare Meter

Godawari Groups is a prestigious fare meter manufacturing company that provides Rickshaw Fare Meters..


We are one of the leading manufacturer and dealer of Govt. Approved HSRP no. Plates.


Godawari Group, is a leading Service Provider for Erection, Commissioning and Installation of the Telecom Towers.


Company has a strong presence in the field of Civil & Building construction, Highway Tolls construction.


Achieve leadership through constant innovation and continuous improvement in every sphere of our activity.


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Group Chairman
Trilok Choudhary


Trilok Choudhary, Group Chairman is a first generation entrepreneur who has spearheaded the Godawari group since inception. He has been determined in taking the group to new heights with his passion and dedication. He is responsible for strategic growth and expansion of the company in India and abroad. He has over 20 years of experience in the power & telecom sectors and automobile sector.

Vehicle Speed Devices Manufacturer & Service Provider of Telecom Towers & E Rickshaw in India - Godawari Group

Godawari Group Techno Solution Pvt. Ltd. specializes in technology research, product development, and manufacturing services. Godawari Group is a well-known and trusted telecom tower installation service provider in India, manufacturer of high quality vehicle speed devices and dealer of e rickshaws in India & Myanmar.

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The group is Supply & Service Provider for General Civil Construction Works, Project management services , Valve station buildings, Receiver launcher stations, Casting of Thrust Blocks, Civil Construction, Micro-piling, Water Pipe Line, Solar Project, Installation of complete Mobile Tower including O&M operation maintenance CDMA & GSM as per required designs & specification and other miscellaneous civil works for GRP effluent disposal pipeline projects and Allied Infrastructure related to Oil & Gas sector.

Godawari Techno Solution Private Limited are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, founded in the year 2011 by Mr. Trilok Choudhary, to provide innovative, energy efficient, environment friendly services & products for passive telecom infrastructure. Godawari Group is one of the well-known and trusted manufacturing and service provider a high-quality range of vehicle Speed Governors, Speed Limiters in India and Electric Rickshaw and Telecommunication Services, Oil and Gas Services, Construction & Civil Services, Renewable Energy Solar Power Services in India. The company has received various certifications which can be checked on our website.

Godawari Techno Solution Private Limited:

Godawari Group is presently located in two geographical locations viz. India and Myanmar. Its Indian operations are managed under M/s. Godawari Techno Solution Pvt Ltd (registered under The Indian Companies Act, 1956) and M/s. Godawari Construction Company (A proprietorship firm of the promoter registered in India). Its Nepal & Myanmar Operations are managed under M/s. Godawari Techno Solution Pvt. Ltd. (registered under The Myanmar Companies Act) as a subsidiary of Indian company.

Godawari Group Products & Services:

Telecom Tower Installation Services - We are a Service Provider for Erection, Commissioning and Installation of the Telecom Towers and Allied Infrastructure in India since 2007. We have worked for famous telecom companies in India. Get more information about our telecom services on our website telecommunication services page.

Vehicle Speed Limiters/Governors Devices Manufacturer / Exporters / Wholesale Suppliers - We are the manufacturer of high quality road Speed Governors for Commercial Vehicles. Speed governors are essential for commercial vehicles. Godawari Speed Governors can be the number one choice for commercial vehicles of your organizations like trucks, buses, pickups. We manufacture various types of speed governors. Check out our vehicle speed devices page for more details.

E Rickshaw Dealer India - E rickshaws business is a good opportunity and can be a profitable business in India. If you are looking to purchase e rickshaw in India at reasonable prices & high quality then Godawari Group is the solution. We sell various types of e rickshaws like passenger e rickshaw, loading e rickshaw, close body e rickshaw and much more. Check out our e rickshaw page for more details.

Company has a strong presence in the field of Civil & Building construction, Highway Tolls construction backed by dedicated & qualified teams. We have a skilled and dedicated workforce of Engineers, Technicians, Procuring agents, Quality analysts, Researchers, Sales and marketing executives and Logistics personnel. All our products are manufactured using highest quality raw materials. We have been successful in developing trust among our customers in telecom sector and automotive sector with our valuable and high quality products and services.

Our products are available in the market as Godawari Brand name and our products are admired for their outstanding features such as robust construction, driver's toolbox, rear bumper, foot brake, handbrake, reliability, and durability. Moreover our speed governors and electric rickshaws can be customized as per our customer’s needs.

Godawari Group Company Mission is to achieve leadership through constant innovation and continuous improvement in every sphere of our activity.

To Know More About Godawari Group check the About Us Page on our Website. Contact Us Now for any query/questions.